Distance Learning Support

Distance Learning Support


Dear students,

You are kindly requested to consider the following meeting regulations:

  1. All regulations of university lecture hall are to be equally applied in your virtual lecture hall.
  2. All students video cams are to be turned off.
  3. All students microphones are to be muted during the online lecture.
  4. Having the online lecture finished, you can type your questions, as a reply in meeting post, and all questions will be answered by staff members.
  5. To have an interactive discussion, make a request in ‘meeting reply’ and consequently, microphone unmuting will be managed by staff member.
  6. Session recording is only allowed to the staff member and the link to the meeting will be sent automatically to channel posts after the meeting.
  7. You can find the materials concerning your lecture in files section in your meeting channel.
  8. All students to be sure that they end the meeting after the end of the lecture.

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