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Welcome to Horus University

HUE University is committed to prepare distinguished alumni capable of competition in labor market through developing its educational programs, scientific research and community service.


Head's Welcome

welcome everybody who participates in building a future for our own country to help it take a considerably distinctive place among nations.

Vision & Mission & Code Of Conduct

HUE Vision

Excellence and leadership in education services and scientific research locally, regionally and internationally.

HUE Mission

A private educational research institution of a number of faculties, centers, and specialized units, HUE seeks the development of patterns of thought, scientific research, human values, the reinforcement of national loyalty and giving birth to a generation of professional, specialized alumni who can meet the requirements of the regional as well as the international community.

HUE Code of Conduct

Quality and Distinction:
HUE is committed to quality criteria issued by The National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.

Leadership and Teamwork Spirit:
HUE is committed to respect the role of individual and institutional leadership, along with the importance of teamwork spirit.

Equality and integrity:
HUE members are committed to the highest degree of honesty, respect and ethical consideration.

Transparency and accountability:
Every members of HUE community are committed to respecting their values ​​in all scientific and academic activities alike.

Continuous learning:
The University is committed to supporting continuous learning within and outside its community.

HUE Goals

  • Improving the competitive profile of the university through raising its institutional capacity.
  • Supporting and reinforcing HUE’s educational system and achieving excellence in teaching and learning.
  • Developing the capacity and skills of the staff members and improving the provided services.
  • Supporting and reinforcing the university’s partnerships with the civil society and global institutions.
  • Developing the students’ skills of creative thinking, scientific research and entrepreneurship.

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